Isolated Systems Time Series

In our dynamic chart, it is possible to change variables and choose information about the Isolated Systems in Legal Amazon. Select variables associated with electricity consumption, number of consumers, system expenses, annual subsidy budgets, and follow the evolution over time.


Data collected from Aneel and EPE.. The National Electric Energy Agency is a special regulatory agency, linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, with headquarters and jurisdiction in the Federal District. The Energy Research Company (EPE) is a Brazilian public company, also linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, responsible for conducting studies and research in the field of electric energy and renewable energies.

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Attention: This visualization is fed by data processed through the datazoom.amazonia package in R (load_aneel() and load_epe() functions) and is subject to error due to changes in external sources. If the user identifies any discrepancy in information, we request that you report it in GitHub Issues.

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