Codes and Data

Data Zoom Amazônia developed the datazoom.amazonia package in the R statistical program for the extraction and cleaning of data directly from its original sources. It allows access to various databases related to the Brazilian Amazon, always seeking to facilitate users’ lives and streamline research processes. The package adopts the philosophy of open source in such a way that everyone can learn and contribute to the development of the project.

Stories Behind the Codes

The Data Zoom Amazônia project was developed by the Department of Economics at PUC-Rio with the aim of providing free access to databases on the Legal Amazon. Data Zoom Amazônia aims to facilitate and speed up academic research on the region with the creation of the package datazoom.amazonia on R. Through an approach focused on simplicity and organization, users will not need to dedicate their time to database preparation.


You can install the released version of CRAN‘s datazoom.amazonia by typing directly into your R console:


Alternatively, you can install the development version from GitHub. You need to install the devtools package and then run in the console to R: