Relationship between Attention Coverage and Mortality

On our dynamic chart, where each circle corresponds to a municipality, it is possible to change the variables and choose information about various sources and put them on a log scale. In addition, the user can select the marker color and size based on these databases. Finally, there is the option to select the year in which you want to do the analysis. Have you tried pressing the play button to see the chart changing over time?


Data collected and processed by DATASUS. It is an agency of the Secretariat for Strategic and Participatory Management of the Ministry of Health, responsible for collecting, processing, and disseminating information on health.

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Attention: This visualization is fed by data processed through the datazoom.amazonia package in R (load_datasus() function) and is subject to error due to changes in external sources. If the user identifies any discrepancy in information, we request that you report it in GitHub Issues

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