China is the country that buys the most products from the Amazon

See the five countries that most imported products from the Amazon by market value.

In the ranking chart below, one can see the evolution of the total value exported by the Legal Amazon by country of destination. By pressing play on our dynamic graph, it is possible to observe the change in the leading countries of this segment. According to data on foreign trade from COMEX, China was the country that bought the most products from the Legal Amazon since 2009. In 2021, after China, we have Spain, Malaysia, Japan and the Netherlands, following the ranking of the largest importers from the Amazon. The products most exported by the Amazon were: soy complex, meat and forestry products. To learn more, read about opportunities to export forest-compatible products in the Brazilian Amazon.

The data used is compiled from COMEX through the  datazoom.amazonia package in R.

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