Cocoa: a sector on the rise in the Legal Amazon

The growth of the cocoa’s exportation from Legal Amazon throughout the last years.

In the graph below, one can see the evolution of the value of cocoa exports by the municipality in the Legal Amazon. Although the fruit is native to the Amazon, for a long time it dominated the European market from plantations in Central America and the Caribbean and, more recently, has come to be associated with African countries. As of 2019, this scenario changed and Pará became the largest Brazilian producer of the fruit, accounting for approximately half of the national cocoa. According to COMEX foreign trade data, in 2021, the municipalities that lead the export of this segment in the Legal Amazon are Manaus, Tomé-Açu, Boa Vista, São Luís, and Belém. To learn more, read about Cocoa on the Amazon 2030 project page.

The data used is compiled from COMEX through the  datazoom.amazonia package in R.

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