What is the relationship between deforested area and GDP per capita?

See how the evolution of GDP per capita in each municipality is associated with deforestation over the years

In the graph below, one can see the relationship between the total deforested area of the municipalities in the Legal Amazon and the GDP per capita value at constant prices in 2021. Each ball represents a municipality, in which the size is associated with the population and the color with the state. By pressing play on our dynamic graph, it is possible to observe that municipalities move in horizontal and vertical directions over time. An example of this is Campos de Júlio, which increased its per capita GDP over the years, while Porto Velho had a higher rate of deforested area. The graph suggests that there is no clear relationship between this measure of economic development and deforestation – over the years, the movements are either horizontal or vertical.

The data used is compiled from various sources through the  datazoom.amazonia package in R.

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