Which municipalities export products compatible with the forest?

The Legal Amazon exports 64 items whose production is compatible with the forest. Moreover, these items generate about US$ 176 bi within a year.

The work “Oportunidades para Exportação de Produtos Compatíveis com a Floresta na Amazônia Brasileira” developed within the scope of Amazônia 2030 shows that the participation in foreign trade of exports of items whose production is compatible with the forest is very low in the Legal Amazon. The work lists a total of 64 items, out of a universe of 955, originating from non-timber forest extraction activities, agroforestry systems, fishing and tropical fish farming, and tropical horticulture. The interactive map below shows the main export product classified as compatible with the forest for each municipality in the Legal Amazon in each year. When pressing play, the map shows the temporal evolution since the beginning of the historical series (1997) of exports until the most recent data. The view also allows observing the main products exported by each municipality by selecting the All Products category in Product Types. To learn more about opportunities, challenges and strategies to support the production of forest-compatible products, read here.

The energy data used is compiled from COMEX through the datazoom.amazonia package in R.

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