What is the relationship between cattle raising and deforested area?

See how the cattle herd evolution for each municipality is associated with deforestation over the years

In the graph below, one can see the relationship between the number of cattle per municipality and the deforested area in the municipalities of the Legal Amazon. Each ball represents a municipality where the size represents the population and the color of the state. The graph shows a positive and persistent relationship over the years. By pressing play on our dynamic graph, it is possible to observe that the municipalities move in a diagonal direction. An example of this is the municipality of São Felix do Xingu, which shows simultaneous growth over the years in both the level of deforestation and the number of cattle. The relationship between the variables suggests a strong association between them. Moreover, this relationship has extended over the years.

The data used is compiled from various sources and processed using the datazoom.amazonia package in R.

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