How has Brazilian livestock productivity changed over time?

See how production has become more intensive over the years.

Livestock is a prominent economic activity in Brazil, especially regarding foreign trade. Explore the following visualization to learn how this activity’s productivity changed between 1985 and 2019 in the municipalities of the Legal Amazon and Brazil.

Note that a greater spread to the right side of the graph indicates a greater amount of cattle created per hectare. Thus, production becomes more intensive in the Legal Amazon as the number of municipalities with a higher number of cattle/hectare increases.

Therefore, the production has become more intensive, which reflects higher productivity of livestock activity in the rest of the country and also in the Legal Amazon. In this region, cattle breeding is among the most dynamic activities in the region and plays a relevant role in its development.

Through the following visualization, understand the evolution of the exported value of products with important participation in the Brazilian exports agenda between 1997 and 2021.

Note that “Carnes e miudezas, comestíveis” e “Peles, exceto peles com pelo, e couros” include items derived from livestock.

The data used are collected from various sources through the package datazoom.amazonia on R.

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